Embracing The

Power of Nike+ App

Grand Visual – Creative 
Concept Development,
Creative Writing

Interactive/Experiential Pitch for  Nike+ App, January 2017

Creative Team:  CD - Ric Albert, Producer – Camilla Engelbert, Account – Ivana Ramos


By integrating owned data to optimize the conversation Nike has with the people of NYC,  the brand can get to the core of NYC’s athletic spirit and community.  Celebrating the Nike+ Running App, this activation connects their user data to DOOH in a contextually relevant and unique campaign.



Tier 1: Taking the data from the Nike+Running app, we create a dynamic and live map of the routes and miles being run around NYC in real-time. On screen map would be covered in hundreds of different colored lines, all growing as the runners cover more streets. The on screen creative would also be showing a live counter of the amount of miles run overall in NYC via the app.


Tier 2: Translating the data from the Nike+ running app in a unique way, we’ll partner with a New York Made artist to create a piece of digital art that is aggregated by the amount of miles run in New York City streets. 


The artist will be commissioned to develop this dynamic artwork to be displayed and controlled/ filled-in (in real-time) on a large format digital screen based on data.


We’ll use past data for the average amount of miles run daily in New York, to develop how fast the artwork is filled in throughout the length of the campaign. 


Data could be visualized by threads or lines where lengths of runs could be represented by different colors, allowing the data to control the outcome of the artwork in real-time. Millions of lines could form together in various color waves ultimately forming the final artwork as the campaign finishes. Day to day commuters will slowly see the artwork coming to life as it grows based on miles run.


Additional Campaign Initiative:

Celebrating the artwork created in Tier 2 by the miles and routes run by New York runners, we’ll create a limited edition exclusive print to be sold and also incorporated into various merchandise such as apparel, shoes, and accessories. Nike app users including runners whose miles were tracked during the duration of the campaign to create this artwork would be invited to celebrate this exclusive print at a product release event/party at the Soho flagship store. A myriad of sessions would be incorporated into this event, where we could have a live viewing of the artwork slowly coming to life as it did during the campaign. Prints and merchandise created using this exclusive New York Made print would be sold at limited quantities. Additionally, we can utilize the customization center and allow customers to use this exclusive print to create one of a kind merchandise customized how they want.