The Greatest Showman

Grand Visual – Creative 
Concept Development,
Creative Writing

Animation/Projection Mapping Pitch for Bloomingdale's, September 2017

Creative Team: CD – Ric Albert 


Each Bloomingdale's holiday window display is treated as its own unique ‘art installation’. For 2017, they partnered with 'The Greatest Showman' and each display complemented a song from the film.  We wanted to amplify these beautiful displays by creating a unified animation that connects the creative narratives from each window for one ambient storyline.


Through the use of creative animation and transitions, we’ll dazzle and amaze the audience as we showcase key elements of each Bloomingdale’s window. It will be a holiday spectacular worthy of the circus stage. When projecting onto the iconic Bloomingdale’s building we couldn’t imagine creating anything less than a truly magical and larger than life experience for the greatest city on earth, and the greatest show on earth.  

Animation Story

The harvest moon will rise over Bloomingdale’s as if spotlighting the building like a circus stage . In the spotlight emerges a shadow  of P.T. Barnum. He bows and tips his hat to the audience right before throwing it up in the air. The hat flies 5 stories up the Bloomingdale's facade growing in scale as it casts a silhouette over the building. Following in its trail is an illuminating burst of glitter dancing along the the building as if light sparkling on the holiday tree. Classic circus banners unfurl to frame the building as it sets a stage for a holiday spectacular. Silhouetted trapeze artists and more, as if birthed from the imagination of Barnum, grace the stage with a beautiful display of dance as they move across the Bloomingdale’s building. Each performer is accompanied by a whimsical backdrop inspired by the window displays. Kaleidoscopes and iconic swirls of peppermint cheer will feed into each other and accentuate the costumes and makeup that color the world of ‘The Greatest Showman’. Ending our creative journey how we started, a silhouette of Barnum’s hat falls back down the building and lands in his hands as he waves to the audience and exits stage right.