BBDO Made Marijuana Strains


In an effort  ahead of next year’s legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, road safety group R.I.D.E. Checks is launching an unorthodox campaign via BBDO Toronto that brings light to the consequences driving while stoned. 


They created their own strains of Marijuana, making the product itself the message. The client and agency partnered with medical cannabis producer Beleave to create these three new strains of weed.


 Each strain represents a possible outcome of driving high:


• Kourtroom Kush promises “an emotional joyride that doesn’t end well. This first-time offender conjures up feelings of regret, shame and guilt, the same emotions as someone who’s just been charged with impaired driving.”


• Slammer Time “packs a potent punch, often inducing feelings of remorse, paranoia and isolation from the outside world. The same feelings as someone who’s been sentenced to life in prison for killing another driver or pedestrian.”• White Whiplash “starts mellow then hits you hard. This bitter bold bud has been known to strike the perfect balance of misery and devastation. A similar outcome to some suffering from the pain of an auto accident injury.”“Unlike driving drunk, there isn’t yet a stigma around driving high,” says agency creative chief Denise Rossetto. “In fact, a lot of users we spoke to actually believe they’re better drivers when they’re high. So, we knew we had to do something to change public perception.” As for campaign inspiration, “the idea came from the fact that today there’s a strain for anything—chilling on the couch, studying for an exam,” she says. “We decided to create thee more that remind you to stay safe.”


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