‘The Truth Is Hard’ Says New York Times


The New York Times revealed a new campaign message, “The Truth Is Hard”,  during this weeks Oscars commercial’s kicking off a broader campaign that includes national and local television, digital, social media, outdoor and print advertising.


According to AdWeek the “The Truth Is Hard” is the first TV advertising the Times has done since 2010 and its first brand-focused TV spot in a decade. I first spotted this ad on a digital screen on 34th and and Madison on a digital newsstand. The bright white screen displaying the campaign message is hard to miss. This wide-scale media campaign aims to shed light on the Trump administration’s attack against the media.


Their campaign initiative is exactly the type of messages brands should be held accountable for during a time where our media and advertising have such a powerful impacts on people’s opinions, thoughts, and decisions. Brands should be aware of the influence their campaigns can have and tailor marketing and creative to consider this psychology. I hope to see the other publishers, media outlets, and brands join in response to our current political turmoil.






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