Obscura’s ‘Unseen Stars’


Obscura is killing the game with projection mapping again. This time around projecting onto the ceiling of the iconic Grand Central Station. According to Obscura, they worked with GE and advertising firm BBDO to create “Unseen Stars”, where they projected an 8-minute show celebrating a dozen female scientists. They seemingly conjure the artwork out of the beautiful constellation mural on the ceiling of New York’s Grand Central Station. The show ran September 19-22, 2017.

The challenge was how to best celebrate these scientists in a compelling and informative narrative, and working with the existing ceiling mural. Obscura’s media team leveraged the mural, animating and morphing its imagery into “constellations” portraying their faces. The narrative arc was driven by interstitial animations taking viewers on a galactic journey.


Tech Notes:

To adequately cover the 275ft long by 120ft wide arched ceiling, they used 32 Christie Digital Boxer 4K30 30,000 lumen projectors for a total of 960,000 lumens. 16 projectors were installed on the balcony on the north side of the Main Concourse, and 16 were atop a custom truss structure we constructed over the ramp from Vanderbilt Hall on the south.


Obscura, you continually inspire the OOH market with your digital ninja skills.


























Via Obscura 

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