Get on the ‘Pride Train’ or #SashayAway


June is recognized as Pride month in the U.S and this team of creatives took to Out of Home with a creative DIY campaign as a way to celebrate Pride in the city’s most public space—the subway system.


Thomas Shim, a global creative director at Y&R and longtime veteran of the New York agency scene along with freelance art directors Ezequiel Consoli and Jack Welles create signs resembling official NYC MTA announcements. But unlike most service-change posters, these remind riders that there’s “No bigotry, hatred, and prejudice at this station” during Pride. The trio copied the MTA’s font and messaging style while using the official colors of the respective subway lines to form the rainbow flag. They also included the MTA’s most common headers, “How does this affect my trip?” and “Travel alternatives,” writing “It doesn’t” under the first and offering several alternatives for the second, including the famous shrug emoticon and instructions for riders to simply “Sashay away.”


They even created a series of rainbow stickers to go directly below the American flags adorning the exteriors of many subway cars.


Follow along @pridetrain and #pridetrain for potential campaign updates and surprise releases


Thanks to AdWeek for featuring this super creative project! For more details check out their full article here!







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