Pathfinders Institute

WongDoody – Sr. Art Director
Branding, Design, Art Direction 


Visual Identity & Online Experience, 2019

Pathfinders Institute for Infosys Foundation 

Team: CD – Adam Lipton, UX Designer – Ruthie Edwards,

Copywriter – Kate Benton, Strategy – Rene Quan 

The Pathfinders Institute is a non-profit event created by the Infosys Foundation that occurs twice a year. It focuses on educating teachers on computer science and maker education, so that those teachers can go back to their schools to create or enrich their own school’s tech program.


We were tasked with both branding Pathfinders from the ground up and designing a fully customized online web version within Infosys’s proprietary learning platform (LEX). The platform was established so that teachers could continue their education, share learnings and lesson plans, and stay connected to their peers/classmates throughout the year.

Children today need opportunities to prepare for the transforming world.

The Pathfinders community gives teachers the support to create real

impact for students in CS education.

To establish a meaningful brand identify we first identified the human problem with an immersion & research phase. Through a series of interviews we established that teachers don’t feel like they have the support they need to teach CS and making to their students. This inspired our brand positioning and design to communicate a sense of community for educators. 


The logo mark signifies the connection that Pathfinders creates between teachers and CS and maker education. It starts with just a single point – where all it takes is one person or idea to create a groundswell of inspiration and a community of diverse and like-minded teachers. 

Along with the Pathfinders brand identity we collaborated with the tech teams to determine features and functionality for the online experience. We first created lo-fidelity wireframes to create the website structure. We then applied the newly established brand identity to the wireframes using typography, color, iconography, and photography to bring the platform to life. 

Logomark visual exploration