Look Up

Personal Project
Creative Direction, Art Direction, 
Graphic Design, Copy Writing

Original App & Campaign Concept, Fall 2014 

Design Updated, Fall 2017


Team: App Concept – Natalie Rojas, Rémy Law & App 

Mobile users are increasingly dependent on their devices and decreasingly present in their actual surroundings.


LookUp App is an interactive lifestyle app that stimulates and challenges users to disengage from their phones and "look up" in real life. This is done through location-specific push notifications based on user-set preferences. 

LookUp's purpose is to inspire people to realize they have a problem. They are in a committed relationship with their phone, and it's very high-maintenance. 

A LookUp is a reminder to stop looking at your smartphone and start looking around and experiencing the moment. It is a reminder and inspiration to participate; whether that be by notifying you that the gallery you just passed has a new show, or that a new lunch spot opened up on your walk from the train to work.

LookUp& is just that, A LookUp and a little more. It is a way to encourage your friends by sending them a personal lookup or a lookup challenge, that presents them with an opportunity to actively step outside their comfort zone. Look Up will track your received lookups on a map that visualizes completed and missed opportunities. This provides the user with a look into their own habits regarding active participation in real life.